Universal Seat Harmonizer

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Make every seat a powerhouse!

✅ Reduces stress symptoms by protecting against disturbances (water veins, earth rays, technical radiation,...)

✅ Promotes inner peace and concentration/ increases productivity.

✅ No seat change required.

1 Universal Seat Harmonizer incl. description. Size: 12cm x 12cm with rounded edges.

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Suitable for every seat

Whether it's a big office, dining table, car seat. The Universal Seat Harmonizer can be used anywhere.

Effect officially confirmed

The effect of this product has been extensively tested by the Austrian Academy of Kinesiology and Health.

Quality from Austria

All products are developed, manufactured, tested and packaged in Austria with the utmost care.

Never loses its effect

Long-term tests have confirmed that the effectiveness of our products remains constant even after many years.

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The ALPHA-ENERGY® Universal Seat Harmonizer

Whether you want to protect yourself from technical radiation in the big room office, you want to make your family's dining table even more harmonious or you want to balance your yoga even faster.

The ALPHA-ENERGY® Universal Seat Harmonizer is the first choice here. Located in one minute on the seat, you immediately realize its full effect:

  • Reduces radiation-related complaints such as headaches and back pain
  • Longer attention phases in work, school and everyday life
  • More internal calmness and improved long-term performance

"Alpha-Energy's energy products are the best we've tested in recent years. Thus we can recommend this product to the warmest."
Prof. Ortwin F. Niederhuber &Susanne Bichler-Lajda
Austrian Academy of Kinesiology and Health, A-2301 Enzersdorf, Mulleitnestrasse 3, office@oeakg.at

Various in application

At the workplace

Increases the attention span and effectively prevents radiation-related stress symptoms such as fatigue symptoms.

In the car

Protects against electromagnetic fields and improves concentration while driving.
For greater safety in road transport.

Yoga, meditation, sports

Simply placed under the training mat, the Universal Seat Harmonizer brings more balance and energy. Lead more balance and energy in sport or meditation.

At school

In the classroom or from home. Learning requires increased attention. Disable interference factors and create a perfect learning environment.

Protection for the whole family

Eating together is a wonderful ritual. Make your dining table an undisturbed and harmonious place of power

"With Alpha-Energy I have a simple and effective remedy against interfering fields, which has a quick effect. The product is easy and easy to carry and therefore really practical in use also on trips. In contrast to many other products I have tested, this is also really readable."

Martin Peter Hofer, entrepreneur, energy engineer, holistic business consultant.


52.000 Bovis units.
That's why ALPHA-ENERGY® works:

No technological chip, no battery. In products of ALPHA-ENERGY® is pure life energy. What we have long ignored in the Western world has been a practice for thousands of years in other cultures, such as Chi, Qi or Prana. We owe this energy to the French physicist Alfred Bovis (1871-1947), who is also the name of the measurement unit for life energy "Bovis Unit".

But it is not only possible to measure this energy now. The transfer of life energy to physical objects has also become a reality. And that's what we have at ALPHA-ENERGY® optimized in years of development. In the meantime, all our products reach up to 52.000 Bovis units, which are delivered in the form of harmonic vibration to the immediate environment. Comparison: For the average healthy person, the life energy is between 7000 and 10000 Bovis units.

By means of special charging of the individual products, it is possible for us to cover a wide range of applications in order to compensate electromagnetic disturbances by means of harmonic impulses, to upgrade food for better tolerance or to strengthen your leg muscles effectively. ALPHA-ENERGY® In this way, it offers a new way, which also allows energy to be absorbed again in a modern world with radiation, stress and often inferior foods, thereby increasing its health and vitality. maintain.

You want to know more about Bovis units?Click here for detailed advice: Bovis units simply explained.

Excursion: Earth rays easily explained:

Earth rays are electromagnetic microwaves caused by water veins, fractures and grid networks, which cause resonance reactions in the organism. They can cause, among other things, sleep disorders, nightmares, morning fatigue, energy loss, migraines, headaches, back pain, allergies, neurodermatitis, sciatica, rheumatism, leukemia, damage to the vegetative nervous system up to cancer.

Water veins:

Develop an electromagnetic microwave due to friction in channel-like structures in the underground. The higher the flow rate, the higher the radiation intensity. The centre is particularly pathogenic, crosses can have up to 10.000-fold intensity.

Deflections and fractures:

Causes and bundles microwave radiation due to voltage differentials. Spacing systems with or without filling (water, ore, gas, oil) cause a similar microwave radiation to a distortion. At the bottom of the system, microwave radiation (microwaves of different wavelengths, qualities and polarization) is produced, which can cause very serious diseases and is therefore feared by experts.

Global grid (Hartmann-grid):

Covers the globe in north-south and west-east directions. The stripes are 20 to 25 cm wide. The north-south strips are approximately 2m apart in our latitude, the west-east strips approximately 2,5 m and are alternately plus and minus polarized. Strips of low pathogenic effect alone, however, have a potentiating effect in conjunction with other areas of disturbance. Crosses should be avoided because pathogenic. Wavelength 23,7 cm - cancer wave 22 cm). This is a standing electromagnetic microwave.

Double Grid (Cube system according to Dr. Benker):

Overalls the global grid. These strips are 1m wide, of which are about 60 cm plus polarizing (loading) and about 40 cm minus polarizing (falling). The distance between the strips is 20cm.

Curry mesh grid:

Spans the globe in the intermediate sky directions (northeast-southwest and northwest-southeast) .The strips are between 35 and 60 cm wide and have in our latitudes about 3.5 to 4 m from each other and are alternately plus- and minuspolarized. They are known to be aggressive and pathogenic and must be avoided. This is also a standing magnetic microwave. Crossings are either charging (plus polarized) or discharging (minus polarized). Crossings of the curry grid are difficult to pathogen, especially with water veins.

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