Universal EMF Harmonizer

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Effective protection against electrosmog!
- proven effectiveness -

✅ 98.5% reduction in the occurrence of electromagnetically induced vortexes

✅ Combats symptoms of stress caused by radiation such as sleep disorders, headaches, inner restlessness, etc.

✅ No reduction in the transmission capacity of electronic devices.

Scope of supply: 1 pc. Universal EMF Harmonizer, suitable for use on all electronic devices, incl. specification.
Diameter: 3cm, available in a range of colours.

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Suitable for all electronic devices

The ALPHA ENERGY® Universal EMF Harmonizer provides effective and reliable protection against radiation emitted from smartphones, tablets and microwaves. The possibilities are endless.

Verified effectiveness

The effectiveness of this product has been verified by the Austrian Academy for Kinesiology and Health.

Lifelong protection

Our products don’t have an expiration date. Enjoy lifelong protection for yourself and your family.

The ALPHA-ENERGY® Universal EMF Harmonizer

The ALPHA ENERGY® Universal EMF Harmonizer offers effective protection against the dangers of radio pulses and negative impacts of HF fields produced by mobile and cordless phones, WiFi, powerlines, computers, monitors, laptops, televisions, energy-saving light bulbs and electromagnetic and scattered electromagnetic radiation from electrical cables, outlets, light bulbs and household devices, also referred to as electrosmog.

The harmonious approach of the ALPHA ENERGY® Universal EMF Harmonizer blocks the stress and negative impacts caused by electromagnetic and electrical fields in addition to HF fields. This helps to protect our body’s biological regulation system against the negative effects of this radiation.

  • Blocks digital radio signals, HF fields, electromagnetic and scattered electromagnetic radiation.
  • Effective protection of the body’s biological regulation system.

" Alpha Energy products are the best energy products we have tested in recent years. We are more than happy to recommend this product."
Prof. Ortwin F. Niederhuber & Susanne Bichler-Lajda
Austrian Academy for Kinesiology and Health, A-2301 Groß-Enzersdorf, Mühlleitnerstraße 3, office@oeakg.at

Extensive testing

[AAKH certified]

Extensive testing conducted with 56 test subjects demonstrated a significant reduction in the occurrence of electromagnetic vortexes once the Universal EMF Harmonizer had been affixed. Click hereto learn more about the tests conducted and the issued expert report.

  • tested by an official independent body
  • extensive testing with 56 test subjects
  • significant improvement among all test subjects

Tips for proper use

Correct positioning

Affix the ALPHA ENERGY® Universal EMF Harmonizer directly onto your electronic devices used at home or on the go. The position of the harmonizer is not important. You can decide whether to place the Universal EMF sticker in a visible location on the device or on the reverse. Phone cases do not minimise the effectiveness of the harmonizer and can be used without any issues. Use of the Universal EMF Harmonizer will not affect your phone’s transmission capacity.

"I have noticed a significant improvement in the outcome of treatment when I use Alpha Energy products with clients. My client’s body went through a harmonisation process and subsequently achieved balance in a far gentler and quicker way.

I am really impressed with the quality of the product and view it as the optimal companion for energy therapy.” 

Riccardo Corrias, pranotherapist, martial arts and meditation instructor Rome/Vienna. www.riccardocorrias9.wixsite.com/taiji2/

52,000 Bovis units.
The secret behind ALPHA-ENERGY®:

No technological chip or battery required: ALPHA ENERGY® products solely rely on pure life force energy. Western culture has long overlooked traditions practised by other cultures for millennia, such as Chi, Qi or Prana. We owe our ability to measure this energy to the French physicist Alfred Bovis (1871-1947), whose name denotes the unit used to measure life force energy: the “Bovis” unit.

Since this development, we have learned to do far more than just measure this energy. We are now able to transfer life force energy to physical objects. ALPHA ENERGY® has optimized this ability over years of development. As a result, all of our products are now capable of reaching 52,000 Bovis units, delivered in the form of harmonic vibration to the immediate vicinity. In comparison: The life force energy of an average healthy person is between 7000 and 10,000 Bovis units.

Special charging of individual products enables us to cover a wide range of applications, such as blocking electromagnetic inferences with harmonic pulses, improving food to decrease intolerances or effectively strengthening leg muscles. In this sense, ALPHA ENERGY® offers a new way to absorb increased energy levels in spite of a modern world full of radiation, stress and often substandard food, helping people to improve and maintain their health and life force.

Would you like to learn more about Bovis units?Do you want to learn more about Bovis units? Click on the link below to find out more: A basic introduction to Bovis units..

Side note - Digital pulses from technical devices:

Mobile communications, cordless phones, WiFi, computers, monitors, tablets, televisions, microwaves, etc.

All of these devices produce HF fields and radiation as square-wave pulses which are not found in nature and have a negative impact on your body. The impact from this radiation is felt not just by the user, but by the surrounding environment. Kilohertz pulses are constantly emitted, even when the device is in standby mode. As the highly-sensitive human nervous system is analogue in nature, this radiation can lead to significant interference to the body’s regulation and control system. Wireless computer networks constantly emit microwave radiation via access points according to WiFi standards. Users and their environments are also exposed to an often closer and therefore stronger form of radiation from the transmitting antennae on laptops.

Computer screens, laptops and televisions are capable of emitting high electrical and magnetic alternating fields of around 50 HZ, and electric and magnetic radiation up to figures in kilohertz under certain circumstances. Common symptoms that may be caused by digital low and high-frequency radiation include: Sleep disorders, headaches, anxiety, inner restlessness, constant fatigue, concentration and memory disorders, tension, increased blood pressure, heart irregularities, brain damage. Notably, the use of mobile phones is banned on planes and, in certain cases, on trams, buses and in the vicinity of fire alarms as the interference may cause the electronics to fail.

The ALPHA ENERGY® Universal EMF Harmonizer uses harmonising radio signals to block out these interferences and protect the body’s biological regulation system against harmful digital HF and electromagnetic fields. Use of this product does not impact the transmission and reception capabilities of your device.

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