Footwear Energizer

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The extra boost for sport and leisure!

✅ Works directly on the foot reflex zones.

✅ Strengthen the leg muscles.

✅ Suitable for every shoe.

Delivery: 1 PairFoot sock chip suitable for 1 pair shoes of any shoe size + description, diameter chip: 3cm.

>> Europe-wide + CH
>> Free of charge from 75/Other 3,90 (valid for all countries)

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No matter if sport or everyday life

Thanks to its flat design, the chip is suitable for every shoe-there are no unpleasant pressure points created.

Effect officially confirmed

The effect of this product has been extensively tested by the Austrian Academy of Kinesiology and Health.

Stimulates the foot reflex zones

Harmonising and energizing effect directly on the foot reflex zones for a lighter touch.

Quality from Austria

All our products are developed, manufactured, tested and packaged with the utmost care in Austria.

Never loses effect

Long-term tests have confirmed that the effectiveness of our products remains constant after many years.

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The ALPHA-ENERGY® Footwear Energizer

The ALPHA-ENERGY® Footwear Energizer to avoid overstressed feet. The energy spectrum stored in the soles of the soles of the soles acts harmonising and energizing on the feet as well as the legs and thus helps to make it easier for the energy spectrum to be felt and feel comfortable. In this way, it is also possible to increase the stamina and to achieve a reduction of muscle craters occurring after athletic performance. The invigorating effect on the entire organism is caused by the direct stimulation of the foot reflex zones.

The opinion of the AAKH confirms the positive effects of the ALPHA-ENERGY® Footwear Energizer on the organism.

  • Easier to feel and feel
  • Helps with overcrowded feet
  • Suitable for everyday life and sports

" The energy products of Alpha-Energy are the best we've tested in recent years. Thus, we can recommend this product to the warmest. "
Prof. Ortwin F. Niederhuber & Susanne Bichler-Lajda
Austrian Academy for Kinesiology and Health, A-2301 Groß-Enzersdorf, Mühlleitnerstraße 3, office@oeakg.at

Extensive test procedures


An increase in energetic stability and energy in the leg musculature was demonstrated in extensive series of tests with 56 test subjects. You will find all the details of the test procedures used and the expert opinion issued here.

  • tested by an official, independent institution
  • Extensive test series with 56 test persons
  • significant improvement in all subjects

Application tips

Correct positioning

In order to achieve an optimal effect, the ALPHA-ENERGY® Footwear Energizer is glued on the top of the insole or directly in the shoe at the heel or at the middle of the foot.

52,000 Bovis units.
This is why ALPHA-ENERGY® works:

No technological chip & no battery. In products of ALPHA-ENERGY®, pure life energy is present. What we have ignored for a long time in the Western world is known in other cultures for thousands of years of practice and, for example, as Chi, Qi or Prana. The fact that we are able to measure this energy today is thanks to the French physicist Alfred Bovis (1871-1947) who is also the name giver of the measuring unit for life energy "BovisUnit".

However, it is now possible not only to measure this energy. The transfer of life energy to physical objects has also become a reality. And this is exactly what we have optimized with ALPHA-ENERGY® in years of development. In this way, we now achieve up to 52,000 Bovis units in all our products, which are emitted in the form of harmonic vibration to the immediate environment. For comparison, in the case of healthy average human beings, the life energy is between 7000 and 10000 Bovis units.

By means of special charges of the individual products it is possible to cover a wide variety of application areas in order to achieve, for example, effective strengthening of the leg muscles by the response of the foot reflex zones (Footwear Energizer), to compensate electromagnetic interference fields by means of harmonic pulses (handy-suppression stickers), or to upgrade food energetically for a better compatibility and an optimized energy transport (energy card). In this way, ALPHA-ENERGY® offers a new way of increasing energy consumption in a modern world with radiation, stress and often inferior food, thereby increasing its health and vitality, respectively. to maintain.

Would you like to learn more about Bovis units?Here we go to the detailed guide: Bovis units simply explained.

Select a colour

Our energy cards are available in 5 different colours. All colours are equally effective. Select your favourite!

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Pink
  • White

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