This is ALPHA-ENERGY®. The path to 52.000 Bovis units.

More energy, less radiation, improved sleep quality,...

The range of ALPHA-ENERGY® products is now broad and is used by our customers for a wide variety of needs, ranging from the destruction of all electronic devices and sleeping places, on the elimination of food intolerances up to significant energy increases of the organism and thus lead to a better quality of life and health.

But professional users also benefit from ALPHA-ENERGY®:

For many years now, our products have been used by experienced therapists in a wide range of therapies and are constantly being developed together with ALPHA-ENERGY®.

"My mission has always been to find a way to progress healthy and vital to old age without having to weigh every meal, every sip or every other"sinful"moment of pleasure."
August Weilharter,
Founder and inventor of ALPHA-ENERGY®

25-year experience

What began 25 years ago with the first research on energetic processes of organisms soon resulted in the first prototypes.

August Weilharter, the founder and inventor of ALPHA-ENERGY®, succeeded at that time in building a generator that allowed it to transfer energy (measured in Bovis properties, BE) to material objects.

It was only modest 12.500 BE at the time but the first step had been taken. (Translated with Google Translate) Note: 6.500 BE is considered neutral, values under 6.500 BE deprive the human being of energy, values over 6.500 BE donate energy. This first prototype of our current ALPHA-ENERGY® Energy Card already enabled the transmission to humans and animals, but even food and beverages could then be energetically upgraded.

For years, experience has been tested, and further developed...

Today we stand for a new generation of energy products whose effects for the first time can also be proven technically flawlessly.

Each of our products now reaches values of over 52.000 BE, goes through a long development process and also has to endure elaborate personal tests.

In order to ensure the objectivity of these tests, they are transferred to the test site of the Austrian Academy of Kinesiology and Health. (Translated with Google Translate) Learn more about the test procedures and opinions at Expertise.)

For your needs

Special editions allow us to offer products with different priorities. Learn more under "Products and Applications".

Effect officially confirmed

The effect of each product has been confirmed by the Austrian Academy of Kinesiology and Health in extensive personal tests.

No charge required

Our products have no expiration date. Long-term tests have shown that the effectiveness of our products remains constant even after many years.

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