Sustainably increasing life energy - the top 5

Increasing living energy sustainably-Top 5

Consistently to more energy-5 points that change your life.

You stiffer your life energy in which you end up reading this guidebook?

Well ... Unfortunately, it is not as easy as it is, but it is not really hard. In the following article, we will bring you 5 points closer to enabling you to significantly increase your energy level. You will feel fitter, more comfortable and more energetic. And the best thing about it: Even if you start to deal with just one of these points, you'll notice how your energy level goes up. This brings motivation and is really fun: Verpromised!

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"Better digestion, more endurance, rejuvenating effect, and increased payout of happiness hormones ..."

This dog has it in the blood-but you too.

1. Movement, movement, movement: Gönn ' them to you

Certainly not yet new but very effective-physical activity sustainably increases life energy: most of us spend most of your everyday life in a sitting position. A position that fundamentally contradicts the anatomy and the spiritual origin of the human being.

Apart from the consequences such as muscle shortening, which is in joint pain, arthrosis, intervertebral discs, migraine, etc. Our organism is simply lacking in motion. According to aWHO study it's missing every third one today on the move.

However, we urgently need this movement. On the one hand to keep fit our locomotor system to keep us "transport" as painless as possible for many years. On the other hand, it increases the blood-and thus the oxygen transport to our cells.

With regular activity, you will benefit from a rejuvenating effect. In addition, there is a better digestion, more endurance, and more balance in life-also due to the accompanying stress reduction. The increased secretion of happiness hormones does the rest.

But let us be honest-you already knew or at least have guessed it-because everyone who confronts their more active stages of life in which one was a little bit lazy, knows it. It's a simple way better and the whole day-to-day life is easier to cope with when you're fit.

So, get over and bring some momentum back into your everyday life. It's definitely worth it!

That's what you got from more movement:

  • Strengthens the locomotor system and prevents posture damage
  • Optimizes the oxygen transport in our cells
  • Indispensable if you want to stay in Vital and Fit
  • Better digestion, stress reduction and payout of happiness hormones
  • 20 minutes of training on the day change your life sustainably

"What worked intuitively in the past is strongly complicated today"

Yes, pizza is fun-but should be better the exception.

2. Food: The basis for a life full of energy.

What worked intuitively in the past is unfortunately strongly complicated today. Why? Um ... we like to call it progress. Simpler, faster, available at any time and, of course, as cheap as possible.

According to these guidelines, we have managed to maneuver into one, to say the least, sickening food situation. Our superfairy tales are full of cheaply produced finished products and empty calories-in short. "Dead food."

And where you can talk about "death" you can't expect "life energy" either.

A diet that is not "fair" for human beings does not only bring us no life energy, but also costs our body a lot of it. But here too, we are probably in agreement when I say-actually, we all know this long ago, because our body betrays us anew every day.

The ONE perfect diet for everyone, however, does not exist. Every person is individual and you have to learn to listen to what his body is saying. Nevertheless, here the science, observation and experience has given us some good cornerstones as clues, which I will briefly list here:

  • Consumption of animal food limit ... 
  • ... and buy only in the best quality. (The associated additional costs usually bring about a reduction in consumption anyway.)

  • Vegetable groceries-Frisch and as full-value as possible

Full meaning: Better the olive than the olive oil, the whole fruit instead of just the juice, whole grain instead of pull-out flour, ... Why? Nature has been thinking about it. A good example at this point is the often controversial topic of fructose when it comes to the rise in blood sugar levels.

Some of them have already warned about the consumption of fruit sugar-but this is an isolated consideration of the fruit sugar itself.

But before I go out here completely-short and crunchy:

Orange juice squeezed out without fractions of the fruit meat = increase in blood sugar level

Whole Orange = slow increase in blood sugar levels.

In this case, this is due to the fact that the fruit in its entirety (it does not have to be orange) has a blood sugar regulation effect.

It is the same with white draft flour and in various forms also with most other foods.

They represent a complete package, which in its entirety supports many important mechanisms and thus can take away a lot of work on the part of our body and on the other hand supplies a wealth of vital substances.

This list could, of course, be continued in a very detailed way. However, since this article is intended to provide an overview of measures that you can take to increase your life energy, it is probably not a goal to get out too far here.

With the above mentioned points you are already doing a lot of things right. Perhaps there will be a separate article on the topic at this point in the future. At the moment, however, I am happy to refer to a beautiful, compact overview of the DGE (German Society for Nutrition), which serves the further information.

There are of course many different models about which one can argue in detail correctly. But someone who has not yet dealt with this subject has already been well advised with this basic model:

Link to the 10 rules of the DGE

So remember: fresh, vibrant, colorful and/or color-rich food boosts your life energy.
If you haven't taken your eating habits under the magnifying glass so far, now is the time for it. You will feel more fitter after 2 to 3 weeks.

This is what you have of an appropriate diet:

  • Flood your organism with nutrients
  • Ensures optimal body performance and concentration
  • Effectively prevents most civilization diseases
  • Lets you go through life easier and more waking
  • One of the biggest levers when it comes to increasing its energy level

"In general, we have the problem that we often feel unbalanced, not in our midst or colloquially" simply unbalanced ".

We feel it already after a short time-here we belong.

3. Raus in nature: Because you are a part of it.

The human being is a part of nature-as far as we are aware of in the normal case. And yet, unfortunately, we continue to move away from her. Partly with a big impact on our health.

Apart from the fact that in Germany a large part of the population suffers from a vitamin D deficiency (for the Vitamin-D production, regular direct contact with the sun's rays is necessary. A lack leads to a downturn and increases the risk of various diseases of civilization according to studies considerably), we generally have the problem that we are often unbalanced, not in our midst resp. "just feel unrelated" in colloquial language.

Here, contact with nature plays a not insignificant role. Even if science is still at the beginning here-who doesn't know it: a walk through the forest is just doing well. So good that the so-called "forest bathing" in Japan is even a recognized form of therapy. In particular, natural sites such as those found in forests, represent a high-energy environment and thus vitalise the entire organism.

So, do we know what we've known for a long time. Let's take our nose and take us into the woods.

This will bring you more often in nature:

  • more rarely knocked off and more concentration
  • Better supply of vitamin D
  • More balanced
  • Time and rest for you

"Apart from lying comfort itself, the choice of the right mattress, etc., it can make a substantial difference where the bedroom is located."

Not only how to bed, but also where you sleep plays a role.

4. Regeneration and sleep: When out of time, then right!

More is not the same anymore. Everyone who has already overmotivated his New Year's vorsentence "This year I want to do more sport" has started, it has already experienced. At the beginning, the progress is great and suddenly you fall into a deep hole. Every ambitious amateur sportsman knows-regeneration is just as important as the training itself.

But it is not just in sport that it is. So what can be a "relaxing day" in sport is the night's sleep for active everyday life. Only those who can recover perfectly at night will be able to concentrate on energy, can concentrate well and get the best out of their day.

In addition to the already mentioned points like "diet, exercise, etc" you can do even more to get out of bed in the morning to get up. Thus, with evening rituals (evening tea, no electronic devices, not too late to eat, reading, ...) one can improve the conditions for a relaxing night.

Enumerating all the factors that are relevant here would probably blow the frame. This is why there will be a separate contribution to the issue here in the near future.

However, this often underestimated factor is not to be mentioned at this point:

The sleeping place

Apart from lying comfort itself, choosing the right mattress, etc. it can make a significant difference where the bedroom is located. If you have already tried everything and, in spite of everything, do not come to rest at night, this can also have to do with the energetic nature of the sleeping place. Energeti .... what? Exactly-The energetic nature.

Even if science is still at the beginning, it is known from experience that radiations emanating from the interior of the earth, just as well as electrosmog, etc., have a direct impact on our well-being.

Everyone knows historical power stations, such as: Stonehenge or the power station in the Waldstück next door. And just as there are places that seem to be "strengthening" on the organism, there are places that rob us of our energy.

If we place our sleeping place right now at such a place we are on average 8 hours in exactly this "disturbance zone". It is self-evident that this cannot be healthy.

Since a changeover of the sleeping place in many cases is not possible, however, one can be here with a so-called "Sleep Space Harmonization Plate" Remedy. These are specially designed to mitigate energy sources and thus contribute to a deeper and more restful sleep, respectively. to make it possible for the first time.

This will bring you an optimized sleeping place:

  • Reduction of radiation-related stress sympomes
  • More energy in everyday life and work
  • The necessary regeneration for sport
  • prevents negative thoughts (no nocturnal waxing)

"I know from my own experience: the initial overcoming is great. Alone already the conscious quietly sitting there makes some one to create.

Meditation is like holidays-just more often.

5. Meditation & breathing-easier than thought.

It is not without reason that you are anchored in spiritual cultures all over the world. In meditation, it is simplified to say mindfulness, or Concentration exercises aimed at keeping the constant flood of thought that prevails in us and taking a bit of a tempo from everyday life.

Thus, it is not only suitable for helping monks in Shaolin temples to high spiritual insights, but is suitable in one form or another for each one for us.

I know from my own experience: the initial overcoming is great. Alone already the conscious quietly makes some one to create one. But at the very latest here one should realize how necessary we should have to learn again what we have long forgotten. To come to rest.

If you want to take full advantage of your life, you will not be able to deal with this subject.

For the easier entry into the topic and first experiences in this area, guided meditations can remedy how to find them numerous on Youtube. But meditation can also be integrated in short form into everyday life. For example: using simple yet highly effective breathing techniques.

Here is an example of how to get started with "conscious breathing":

Breathing exercise

Even this simple exercise (really not difficult) will give you a feeling of lightness. With a bit of practice, you can do it in stressful moments, just go down for 3 minutes and then with a more relaxed feeling to continue your everyday life.

Take 3 minutes to pay exclusively for your breathing. Everything else around you now doesn't matter.

  1. Now, breathe deep and long, and then hold your breath for a moment.

    Imagine how the air passes through your mouth through the trachea through your lungs, through your lungs to your belly, which continues to lift itself. Imagine how the oxygen is flooded with your entire body.

  2. Then breathe out for 5-7 seconds and smile at the same time.

Repeat the exercise several times until you are with your concentration exclusively in your breathing.


This brings you the daily meditation:

  • Strengthen your spirit and your will
  • Can help you to implement previously mentioned points
  • Short break (total relaxation already in 5 minutes)


You don't have to look for long and burn sums of money in order to get healthy, vital, and also to go through life in a relaxed way. You really just have to take the first step and start to go down this path. We all know the problem with the self-overturn-here it can actually be helpful to start with point 5: The meditation. In just a few minutes, it can lead to your entire mindset changing and creating the basis for you to rise up and live the life you've always dreamed of.

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