Report Sleeping Place Harmonizer

Test series and expert report "Sleeping Place Harmonizer"

Assessing organization:
Austrian Academy of Kinesiology and Health
Mühlleitnerstrasse 3 A-2301 Enzersdorf
Date of Issue: 24. October 2018

Independent testing facility

All tests were carried out by the Austrian Academy of Kinesiology and Health.

24 Test subjects

In order to ensure meaningful results, this product has been tested on 24 test subjects.

Technical measurement methods

For this series of tests, proven technical testing methods of kinetics and energy were used.

Measurement procedures applied

  • Global diagnostics measuring device for vital field analysis and field technology
  • I-Health measurement system (Raymedy system): Determination of the CHI energy content of the organ meridians over the skin resistance after an extension and modification of the method of electro-acupuncture according to Dr. Voll.
  • Kinesiological muscle test: muscle test according to the methods of the Academic and Psychosomatic Kinesiology of the ECG as well as AK test.

Results of the series

After several test series, where a measurement was performed in the measuring procedure without prior application of the Sleeping Place Harmonizer and the day after with prior application of the measuring object, the Austrian Academy of Kinesiology and Health may establish that: that the SLD showed the following results: (the results of the original opinion were quoted below)

  1. Subjective feedback of the 24-subject(s): 18 x positive impact on sleep outcome, 5 x neutral in terms of impact on sleep, 1 x negative feedback.

  2. The measured meridian energies experienced a marked increase in the energy level of the yin meridian by the use of the Sleeping Place Harmonizer in the subjects and also in the subjects at 82 percent, which can be considered as an indication of the possibility of reaching a lower level of relaxation.

  3. The test subject reduced the stress level of Gaba, Serotonin, Melatonin and Cortisol to more than half during all tests. In this respect, the SLD is an excellent success.


Overall, it can be noted that the measurements of the tested Sleeping Place Harmonizer have had a positive mental and energetic balancing effect on the stress level of the neurotransmitters involved in the sleep event, which has been associated with the harmonising and building-up effect, which was particularly noticeable at the yin function circles as a prerequisite for a deeper relaxation during sleep. Thus we can recommend this product to the warmest.

Certified opinion

Click on the button to access the certified original report. (Orignal document only available in german language)
"Alpha-Energy's energy products are the best we've tested in recent years. Thus we can recommend this product to the warmest."
Prof. Ortwin F. Niederhuber &Susanne Bichler-Lajda
Austrian Academy of Kinesiology and Health, A-2301 Enzersdorf, Mulleitnestrasse 3, office@oeakg.at

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