Universal EMF Harmonizer Report

Test series and expert report
"Universal EMF Harmonizer"

Assessing organization:
Austrian Academy for Kinesiology and Health
Mühlleitnerstrasse 3 A-2301 Groß-Enzersdorf
Date of issue : 24. October 2018

Independent test site

All tests were carried out by the Austrian Academy of Kinesiology and Health.

56 test persons

In order to ensure meaningful results, this product has been tested on 56 test subjects.

Technical measurement procedures

For this test series, tried-and-tested technical test methods of kinesiology and energetics were used.

Applied Measurement Procedures

  • Global Diagnostics Measuring device of vital field analysis and vital field technology
  • I-Health measurement system (Raymedy system): Determination of the CHI energy content of the organ meridians via the skin resistance after an extension and modification of the method of the electro acupuncture according to Dr. Voll.Full.
  • Kinesiological muscle test: muscle test according to the methods of the academic and psychosomatic kinesiology of the ÖAKG as well as AK-Test.

Simply explained: The I-health measurement system (Raymedy system) using the example of the ALPHA-ENERGY® Universal EMF Harmonizer. (Video in german language)

Results of the test series

After several test series, the measurement procedure carried out only one measurement without and immediately afterwards with contact with the measurement object, the Austrian Academy of Kinesiology and Health can determine that the Universal EMF Harmonizer used showed the following results: (The results from the original report were quoted below)

  1. The measured meridian energies achieved a clear energy level due to the use of all measurements-compensation of their energetic differences, whereby no pattern revealed which meridians were given special compensation by the test subjects by the respective test objects.

  2. The Universal EMF Harmonizer resulted in a clearly measurable increase in energy in all meridians during the measurement passes for a total of 56 tested persons.

  3. The Universal EMF Harmonizer achieved the result that an unopened regulation was transferred to an open regulation by the use of the Universal EMF Harmonizer during the measurement.

  4. In addition to the Universal EMF Harmonizer, it should be noted that the two measurements were also carried out with the mobile phone on the body only without and then with Universal EMF Harmonizer.The effect-reducing effect on the electromagnetically induced vortex potentials revealed an interference suppression of the spatial energy by the factor of up to 98.5% in the measurement.

  5. All test subjects showed stress on the test ampulle Aqua Radar Microwave (from Meripharm). The Universal EMF Harmonizer made it possible for all persons to compensate for the stress.

  6. In 28 subjects, the test ampoule Aqua was electrostatically techn.AC 220V, 50Hz 25 minutes.At 28 people, stress was shown in the muscle test.After the release of the hideout Universal EMF Harmonizer, 26 subjects responded with strong muscle tests.

  7. After placing the mobile phone, the radiation exposure points (GG20, Dü19, Gb2, Le3) test with stress.After the release of the pressure-release Universal EMF Harmonizer, a compensation was found on these points and thus no more stress.

Closing note

Overall, it can be determined that the Universal EMF Harmonizer has exerted a positive energy-disrupting and energetically compensating effect on the measurements on the meridian energies of the test-ants and also has been improved in a very positive way for the regulation capability required for the reaction of the system to influence from the outside.The harmonizing effect was particularly noticeable on the Yin functional circles Milzmeridian, pulmonary meridian and kidney meridian, as well as on the Yang triple-heater meridian.Furthermore, we can lead that energetic incompatibilities can be used and this Universal EMF Harmonizer is the best we have tested in the last few years.Thus, we can recommend this tested Universal EMF Harmonizer to the warmest.

Certified expert opinion

With a click on the button you have access to the certified original expert opinion. (Only available in german language)
" The energy products of Alpha-Energy are the best we've tested in recent years. Thus, we can recommend this product to the warmest. "
Prof. Ortwin F. Niederhuber & Susanne Bichler-Lajda
Austrian Academy for Kinesiology and Health, A-2301 Groß-Enzersdorf, Mühlleitnerstraße 3, office@oeakg.at

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