Energy card report

Independent testing facility

All tests were carried out by the Austrian Academy for Kinesiology and Health.

56 test subjects

To ensure meaningful results, this product was tested on 56 test persons.

Technical measuring methods

Proven technical test procedures from kinesiology and energetics were used for this series of tests.

Applied measurement methods

  • Global Diagnostics measuring device for vital field analysis and vital field technology
  • I-Health measuring system (Raymedy system): Determination of the CHI energy content of the organ meridians via the skin resistance after an extension and modification of the method of electro-acupuncture according to Dr. Full.
  • Kinesiological muscle test: muscle test according to the methods of academic and psychosomatic kinesiology of the ÖAKG as well as the AK test.

Easily explained: The I-Health measurement system (Raymedy system) using the ALPHA-ENERGY® Energy Card as an example

Results of the test series

After several test series, whereby in the measuring process a measurement was first carried out without and directly afterwards with contact to the measurement object, the Austrian Academy for Kinesiology and Health can determine that the Energy Card used showed the following results: (The following are the results from the original report cited)

  1. Through the use of all measurements, the measured meridian energies experienced a clear energy level compensation of their energetic differences, whereby no pattern resulted as to which meridians in which test persons experienced a special compensation due to the respective test objects.

  2. The measurement object led to a clearly measurable increase in energy in all meridians in a total of 56 people tested. In this regard, the Energy Card showed the best success.

  3. The result was also achieved that an unopened regulation was converted into an open regulation by using the Energy Card during the measurement.

  4. In 11 people, the liver yin was strengthened by the Energy Card, which was evident from a muscle test of the muscles assigned to the liver meridian.

  5. The allergy point on the ear was stored in 52 test persons. All subjects reacted with stress in the muscle test. After putting on the Energy Card, the spleen-pancreas chi could be strengthened.

  6. An energizing and blockade-dissolving effect was found for the neuronal processing by testing using the cortex format A x O x FL ZG 24.

Final remark

Overall, it can be stated that the tested Energy Card had a positive energy-promoting and energetic balancing effect in the measurements on the meridian energies of the test subjects and that the regulatory ability necessary for the system's reaction to external influences was improved in a very positive way. The harmonizing effect was particularly noticeable on the Yin functional circles of the spleen meridian, lung meridian and kidney meridian as well as on the Yang triple warmer meridian. Furthermore, we can state that energetic intolerances could be addressed and that the tested Energy Cards are the best that we have tested in recent years. So we can warmly recommend this tested product.

Certified expert opinion

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"The energy products from Alpha-Energy are the best we have tested in recent years. We can therefore warmly recommend this product."
Prof. Ortwin F. Niederhuber & Susanne Bichler-Lajda
Austrian Academy for Kinesiology and Health, A-2301 Groß - Enzersdorf, Mühlleitnerstraße 3, office@oeakg.at

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