Bovis units simply explained

Bovis units simply explained

What you should know about the measuring unit of life energy and how you can benefit from this knowledge in everyday life.

By Helmut Meyer
Kinesiologist, life-energy consultant, human energy scientist, geobiology, holistic radioesthesist, seminar leader.

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"We owe it to the French Alfred Bovis to discover that life energies can be measured by places, substances and organisms."

What are Bovi's units and what are they used for?

Let us begin with the perhaps most important question: what are Bovis units?

In short, Bovis units are a Life energy measurement unit (Many are also known as Prana or Chi). The origin of this value, as so often happens, lies in the research of a scientist by whose name he was named. The Frenchman Mr Alfred Bovis was Physics and lived from 1871 to 1947. Thanks to the research of Bovis, it is now possible to measure the long life energy in terms of values.

The recording of the life energy of food is of great importance and also the life radiation in man himself is of particular importance. It is also important, for example, to measure Bovis units in substances that our body comes into contact with in order to get a picture of the effects they have on our bodies.

"For the average healthy person, the life energy lies between 7.000 and 10.000 Bovis units"

Bovine values and health:

One can draw conclusions about health from the body-bovis units. And just as with humans, it is possible to examine other organisms, objects and substances, but also places, in order to see whether these energies donate or withdraw, and thus have a detrimental or beneficial effect on the health of each individual.

The standard Bovis value of a healthy average human is between 7.000 and 10.000 Bovis units. As a neutral value, however, the value 6500 BE is often used here, from which we will assume the following explanations. What exactly does that mean and what happens when we come into contact with'energy sources'that are above or below this value?

Explanation by food:

What example would be better suited than our food? After all, we consume it on average 3x every day and use it as a sort of energy level.

Based on our aforementioned guideline, which states that a healthy person has a neutral value of 6500 Bovis units, we now imagine that the constant supply of food, which has only 1000 Bovis units, has a direct impact on our health status. Does it sound as if it would do more harm than good? And so it is.

So what happens when we bring something to our body that has a higher value than 6500 Bovis units? It's very simple. The body also begins to assume a higher value. This can also be felt directly. You just get better.

Let me just get to the point.

When food is delivered to the human body that has less BE than itself (i.e. under 6500 BE), these foods rob the body of its energy and thus weaken the body. On the other hand, if food is delivered to the body that has more BE than this (i.e. more than 6500 BE), then the body receives building energy and is thereby strengthened.

in 6000 BE: Energy Robbery
6500 BE: (Neutral value / healthy person)
About 6.500 BE (Energy Range)

Importance in everyday life. What is the number of BE?

Now that we know what impact life energy has on our organism, we must of course be aware that we are constantly surrounded by energy. And since it can definitely not hurt to have a small overview of common guidelines in order to effectively protect oneself from energy predators:

Indicative values for foodstuffs:


The normal range of so-called foods is between 6.000 and 9.000 BE. (Between 9.000 and 12.000 BE people talk about food. Foods that exceed 12.000 BE already have the character of healing vibrations due to their highly energy-producing effect.) The values of food products, such as industrial sweets and alcohol, lie at 3.000 to 6.000 BE. (Also distilled water falls into this category).

So far the theory...

Unfortunately, in tests in various supermarkets, average 1.000 BE values are repeatedly measured. It should be noted that 1.000 BE is only the residual energy of an object. It has virtually no life energy and thus acts on our bodies like poison. Here are some of the main factors that can lead to such values:

  • Non-organic farming
  • Growing in monocultures
  • Long transport routes
  • Long storage in the supermarket shelf
  • Long or false storage at home

In complete contrast, good values have been shown for harvesting from your own garden. There the value of vegetables and fruits is added up to 20.000 Bovis unitsYeah. You're what you eat, it's got a special meaning.

Supermarket 1.000 BE
Bio-horticulture 20.000 BE

Indicative values at locations:


Places where a particularly high energy supply takes place are designated as power stations. These places often reach 13.000 to 14.000 BEYeah. At the labyrinth of Chartre, even values of 18.000 BE are measured.

Indicative water:


An important aspect must not, of course, be overlooked in this context. It is about water. This has a special feature as there is nothing besides air that we need more urgently to survive and thus consume daily:

Water is one of the strongest information stores in the world. See also the research of Dr. Masaru Emoto. On the basis of ice crystals, he was able to prove that water has a memory. Water thus stores everything it comes into contact with or what it's exposed to. Of course, this information also has a bovish value and each of them also its own. In doing so, not only does this come into contact with something a role, but also how it flows.

Let's look at our tap water. Due to the many pipes, it no longer has a natural flow direction and loses its natural vitality and also all the information given to it by the earth and the sun. So it comes with a very low value of just 1000-4000 Bovis Unitsfor us. We drink this water every day. We shower and bathe with it, which the body naturally also absorbs. The human being consists of approx. 80% of water. So you can very well imagine how important it is that you take well-structured and well-informed water. Structured water also automatically has a higher bovism value.

Recommendations for everyday life: How to increase your Bovis value


Since we now know, on the one hand, what effects Bovis values can have on our health and gain an initial overview of the values of things that are being achieved around us, the big question now of course is pressing: What can I pay attention to in everyday life and what can I do to keep my body's own energies up as much as possible?

The short answer: We should surround ourselves in the everyday life of things with as high bovis values as possible, or Take food as high-quality as possible.

In practice, however, this often proves to be more difficult than thought. The human being has now moved very far from his nature. Almost none of what surrounds us today is of course. Low-quality food, radiation exposure in the form of E-smog, water aides and Earth's rays, and too little movement in pristine, real nature is eating out on our health.

Concrete measures for everyday life:

More movement-More nature:
Treat yourself and your body to this break-out. I don't think it has to be explained in detail how positive an extensive walk through the forests acts on your own well-being, because everyone knows this feeling. You just have to remember it again more often and-MAKE IT EASY;)

The choice of food:

Choose as BIO-ware as possible from small farms or in the best case: Build your vegetables yourself in the garden. I am aware that this is much easier said than done. However, we need to look at how massively we affect our health. After all, most of us eat at least 3 times a day. So you also make a decision three times a day for or against your own health. However, in order to make everyday life a little easier, there are now actually ways to bring food with low bovis values back to a high energetic level. So-called "energy types" can simply be placed under food and drink before consumption and lift their bovis value to a multiple within minutes. More information can be found here here. The practical one is, these cards can be carried at any time, no matter where you are on the way. So it is also in the stressful everyday life no problem to upgrade its food.


You may have already guessed it: in meditation, it behaves similarly to walking in nature. Here again the rule-the inner pig house is defeated and simply take the time for yourself. It pays off. After meditations, people often reach Bovis values of over 20,000 BE.

Minimize radiation exposure:

Here we may come to the most difficult part. Negative-acting rays surround us in our society today no matter where we go. Since advice such as-do not use a smartphone-is now superfluous for understandable reasons, we should at least make sure that the burden in our own home goes down as low as possible. For example, EMF Harmonizer which can harmonize the negative effect of radiation are suitable for this purpose. However, the information on this subject would blow up this article. It's best to just take a look here -- >Universal EMF Harmonizer.

Solutions are now also available for the often significantly negative effect of water veins, Earth's rays, but also electric smog in the sleeping area. For this purpose, so-called Harmonizers are suitable which harmonize negative influences on a particular region. can be neutralised. This is a simple and practical way to protect yourself during the entire night from radiations such as water veins, earth rays or e-smog. There is also more detailed information on this
--> Sleeping Space Harmonizer

Conclusion: Even though it is certainly not an easy one today, there are possibilities to keep its Bovis value as high as possible and thus to bring the foundation stone for more health into his life.

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