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"Diese Energie-Produkte sind nach meiner jahrzehntelangen Erfahrung das Beste zur Harmonisierung und Energetisierung sowie zum Schutz des Organismus vor belastenden Umweltfaktoren im täglichen Leben."

Helmut Meyer, kinesiologist, life-energy consultant, human energy scientist, geobiologist, holistic radioesthesist, seminar leader.www.holistic-movement.com

Food and beverages harmonized in minutes

"With the ALPHA-ENERGY® Energy Card harmonizes drinks and food of all kinds. Harmful information, such as residues from pesticides and herbicides, as well as genetic manipulation, is corrected and superseded. Just put a jar of drinks or food one to three minutes on the Energy Card, the container should not be too hot. The harmonic frequencies stored in the Energy Card are transmitted and the drinks and meals are harmonized."

Restore healthy sleep

The ALPHA-ENERGY® Sleeeping Place Harmonizer says earth rays, water veins, deformations and fractures as well as many other disruptors to the fight. Get back to your healthy sleep and thereby increase your quality of life sustainably.

Minimize radiation from electronic devices

The ALPHA-ENERGY® Universal EMF Harmonizer. With its harmonic resonance frequencies, the Universal EMF Harmonizer superimpose harmful electromagnetic impulses and thus protect the biological control system of the human organism from the negative-acting digital HF and electromagnetic fields. The transmission and reception characteristics of electrical equipment remain unrestricted.

Energy on step and step

Hardly any more practical. With the ALPHA-ENERGY® Footwear Energizer. Never leave the house without your little helper. For more energetic stability and energy in the leg muscles. Whether it's for the supermarket walk or as a legal boon for the next marathon.

Limit the effect of pollutants

For those who just can't help it we have the ALPHA-ENERGY® Cigarette Harmonizer created. This shell contains the energy spectrum of all ALPHA-ENERGY® Products. The Bovis units (BE) of a non-harmonised cigarette are located at about 2.500 BE, after a few minutes in the ALPHA-ENERGY® Cigarette Harmonizer they reach more than 52.000 BE. This harmonises cigarettes and makes them more comfortable.

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